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Never say never.
Tuesday, June 5, 2012 | 0 Lover
Hey guys :) whaddup? Kay, I'm lame. The last post was in May. Haha well, I went to Sydney. :b No one's reading this post right? But if you are, thank you. ;)

This post is not as sad as other Beliebers' stories but I just want to let everything out here. I should be writing this in twitlonger but i don't want to. People would think I'm craving attention. So yea, Imma begin now.

Do you know, being a Belieber isn't that easy. We're hated. People talk shit about us. But we don't care cause we stand up for our idol, Justin Drew Bieber. And we know, he stands up for us too. He cares about us.

I don't know why some people hate on Justin. If one of the reasons are he sounds like a girl, I know you're stucked in 2009. Grow up people, he already hit puberty. He's not gay, he already has a girlfriend.

I just love him so much. He inspires me a lot. I just hope one day I'll meet him cause that's one of my biggest dreams. I've loved him since he released One Time. Yeah, that was in 2009. And i'll love him forever. That's just a promise.

I'm not those Beliebers who recorded a video of me crying to get noticed. I won't lie. And I'm not those Beliebers who has like 12345678987654321 followers on Twitter. Those Beliebers with big accs are having 90% for Justin to notice them. It's sad and it's unfair.

Urm, I'm not that rich. But I'm not that poor too. I don't even own any of justin's merchandise but my mum bought me his T-shirt. Thanks mum. :') i love you.

On 21st April 2011, Justin came to my country, Malaysia, for My World tour. My mum didn't buy me the tickets and I give up cause I know I won't be going. I cried everyday. But guess what, my father got me free tickets. Isn't that surprising? Yeah, never say never. :') Thanks daddy.

I didn't get the front rows but I saw Justin. I'm still grateful cause I went to his concert. At least I am there even though I didn't get to meet him. I was hoping to be picked as the OLLG, but no.... :') nah, it's okay. I still love him tho.

And then I heard that he's coming to my country again for Believe tour on 2013. I hope it's true, cause I really really want to meet him. I'll be waiting for him at the airport, cause I just don't want to lose a chance. Ohh, I made a keychain of my name. I wanna give him when I meet him. One day.

So haters, I don't know why you guys hate him so much. He helped me through his quotes. Never say never, believe, dream big. His songs are just asdfghjkl ;') Urm, he wrote a song for his mum, it's called Turn To You. You guys should listen. I'm so excited for his new album. June 19th is gonna be awesome.

Love, @nurainfitrahhh.
I love you, Justin.

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