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Just a new post.
Thursday, April 12, 2012 | 0 Lover
Assalamualaikum, people. It's been 123456789 years since I updated rite? Hihi I'm quite busy, so I don't even care bout blog :p lol jk. I don't have the mood actly. Ok, so yesterday Facebook and Twitter's news feed are all about the tsunami thingy. Alhamdullilah, Malaysia's safe. :') but still, pray for the world.

Ok, I got some probs with my best friend for now, we didn't fought, but she changed. A lot. So yeah I hope we're okay ;'> and oh, something good happened. My ex cyber best friend tweeted me saying sorry. Well yeah we fought but at first I was the one who said sorry and she don't even bother to forgive me. Now she was the one who tweeted me. Alhamdullilah ;')

And and and, this Sunday! 15th April! I'm going to Greyson's meet and greet! OHEMGEE is this real life?! I don't care if there'll be other Enchancers who acts crazier than me but I will not lose this chance. I'm gonna rush up to Greyson. I'll win. I won't forget to ask him to sing me happy birthday :'D

I also joined a group on Facebook which I'm really active. I get to know new people from all over the world! They're awesome. I love them. Charlotte, Kayla, Russell and others! <3

K maybe that's all I wanna share. I just don't want this blog to get old. Okay, bye. xo

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