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Greyson Chance's Meet and Greet :'DD
Sunday, April 15, 2012 | 0 Lover
Assalamualaikum and hello everyone. ^^

So yeah today I went to the Greyson's meet and greet. It was so awesome okay. So lemme tell ya.

I departed from my house at 1. We went to OU first to check out what's happening. Actly I just wanna wait for Greyson to arrive and I'm done, lol. Then I saw Greyson, he was just right in front of me. My mum and I was like omggggg. Hahaha. Then we're off to The Gardens for the meet and greet :)

So when we arrived at The Gardens, we quickly went to the Redbox to register. But then this kerek guy said that we've to wait after 3.30 p.m. . So we went shopping first. About 3.30 liddat, we went to Redbox back. There was already a line of people queuing up. So I queued up. In front of me there was two girls kept fangirling over Greyson.  I was just standing behind them *forever alone*. Suddenly my mum approached them, and they wanted to know me. Then we talked about Greyson and yeah we became friends. One was Rachel and one was Elina. :D yayyy I made new friends lol.

Kay, then when I got the passes, I was so happy cause I get to sit with Rachel and Elina again. We can't stop talking about Greyson! Lol. Then there were two girls suddenly sat next to me. One was Yuin Quan Choy or Quan for short and Syasya. Syasya was a bit shy but Quan, she's so lovely, pretty, sporting and crazy! Lol haha :P she's so friendly. And she kept saying "If I could pick a friend to sing with me and Greyson, I'd choose you." And I was like, lol okayyy :) haha.

I, Quan, Rachel, Elina, Syasya and the other Enchancers there waited for Greyson for like two hours. And I'm like "wake me up when Greyson's here." hahaha. After a couple of hours, suddenly Greyson appeared. The room is full of shouts. I and Quan can't stop jumping lol. Then Ryan said it's time for the photo session. :D I and Quan were the first five people who came up on the stage. Greyson was in front of us, omg he's beautiful. :') this is what I said to him. "Hi Greyson, I love you, can I have a hug?" and he said "Oh hey, yeah sure." I am sooooo happy. :'D I hugged him so tight. Quan did too. And I think he's annoyed and he said "c'mon, let's take a picture." hahaha k. :')

I and Quan wanted to hug Greyson again but the guards won't let us. :'c so yeah we went down from the stage. We sat back and kept screaming and hugging each other. Greyson just touched us, omg. :'D Quan never stopped hugging me lol. We felt like crying ya know just after right we got down. OHMYGOD. I forgot to give Greyson the card that I wanted to give him so I asked one of this kakak to pass it to Greyson. :DD I'm so happy.

Now it's time for us to eat the cake. But Quan and Rachel really need to get out from the room. I got no friends after that so I went out with them too. Hahah. We three were so effin' excited. But it's time to say goodbye. :) luckily we trade our facebook names. :D I told my family about this, and it spreads so fast hahaha. xDD at night, I skyped with Quan. She's still fckin excited lol. We never stopped fangirling! :D I love talking to Quan, she's so friendly. And I miss her already. :(

I think this is more than long. Lol. But Greyson's meet and greet was the best! :'D

P/S : This doesn't make me any less Belieber yeahhh.

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