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Baby, cause this is life.
Friday, April 20, 2012 | 0 Lover

Yo. The gif above is sho cute. ahaha. K I'll start now. 

I just took a risk at Twitter. But seems like nothing really happened. Lol. At first, when I found his acc, I tweeted him this. "yo sexay ass." hahaha and he replied me this. "Swag on you." I replied back "chillin' by the fire while we eating fondue. ;)" and the list goes on~ omg I'm such a flirty lawll. K then I tweeted him for the second time ahaha. "Hi, you're cute and I like you. Bye." and he favors my tweets and replied "awww" -.- urgh can't you reply something like "I like you too" or whut?! Lol kkkk. Damn excited haha. That's all lah bout my crush~

Next thing is I wanna blog bout my friend. Yeah, ex best friend maybe. I don't wanna mention anyone but my friends would probably know who this girl is. I shouldn't be blogging bout this, but I'm sorry. Only blog's the place now. :') girl, you've abandoned the trust I put on you. Stop telling the whole world that we're in a fight. Like seriously. Your tweets makes me feel like punching you, you know. I'm tired of taking care of your feelings, now please take care of yourself. Maybe now we're no longer best friends, but you can always talk to me whenever you want to. Ok? :)

Oh, one more thing. This is for my another friend. Can you please stop making up stories? Your shitty gay stories starts the day after I met Greyson. Why? You jealous much, dude? Then go and meet him laa. Why make up stories? It's not like I kissed him or what. It was just a simple hello! Can't you think? You didn't see me when I was meeting him, right? So why put the judgement on me? This is what we call typical Malay. Okay. Pissed off. K whatever. I don't wanna talk to you anymore. 

Oh oh oh, about Qistina Enara. I think I hate her now. I don't hate her with all my heart cause she don't know me anyways. Lawl. But she met Greygrey more than 8 times, I guess. Now people, we can't call her lucky anymore. This is over acting. And why is people on Twitter nowadays? You guys support her untill you guys call yourself Tinators?! Like seriously, people?! Can I kill every single of you!? OHMYGOD. WHAT'S WITH THE WORLD. Yeah, I met Greyson twice and some people call me 'the next Qistina Enara' -.- lol. But at least you guys met him. Kaaan? ;) 

Kay that's all for today lah. Bye. xx

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