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Tuesday, March 13, 2012 | 0 Lover
Best friend ~ Do you know that you just hurt my feelings? No, okay. Lemme tell you. We known each other through FB but I've been treating you like my own sister. We never met but I feel like we known each other for such a long time. My feelings towards you is different, you're not like my other cyber friends. You said that I'm your best friend but the way you treat me is like I'm not. You're the one who said that we should hang out together. Last time, we already set the date for us to meet rite? We were so damn excited a day before. But two hours before we'll meet, you texted me that you couldn't make it and you said we should reschedule. I was kinda sad but what could I do? Hm. So today I texted you that I think we should hang out on Thursday. And you said you're not free. I'm fine with that but I get fcking disappointed when you said that you can't meet me. Dude, what happened? We planned so much. Why do you have to change? You don't answer my calls, you don't reply my texts, you don't reply my DMs and much more. Did I do something to you? Please tell me. I'm not your 'just another friend'. I'm tired okay. Why do complicated stuffs needs to get involved with my life? Haihhhhhh. I think the word 'best friend' is no longer among us. We're just acquaintance then. Thanks for your presence in my life. I love you. 

Sincerely, your 'friend', Ain. 

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