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Eheheheh. xD
Sunday, March 25, 2012 | 0 Lover

Hey guysssssss! :D hehe, I seemed too happy is it? Lols, who wouldn't be happy if we get to skype with our crush. xD okay, so it started like this. 

He DM-ed me ......

*click utk tumbesaran :D*

Okay, names are not allowed to mention ahaha. He is gorgeous :') too bad we skyped only for 20 mins :( but he said he wanna skype with me next time. Ehehehe. Kk, I'm too happy. Can't continue lahh. *shy* lol. 

Hahah that's all for today. I don't think there will be people who'll be reading this post. Haha don't care. ;p

Bye. xo

P/S : Love you RC. 

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