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Thursday, March 22, 2012 | 1 Lover
Hey everyone. Hm, I wanna share something about my crush which is ..... lol can't tell. :b I only share my secrets with some selected people. But I haven't tell anyone. xD hehe. Kay, lemme start my story.

I added him on Facebook a week ago. His DP was so attractive. Who wouldn't add him? Lol. Then he approved me :DD wanna say 'thanks' but he private his wall -.- so yeah, I chatted with him. I was the one who started the conversation, lol so brave. Haha jk. It took him like 123456789 years to reply my chat. Well, hot people are like that. But he still reply me :'D

Oh ya, he's a Chinese btw. :) ahhhh he's so hot y'know. I bet y'all go crazy like me if you guys know him. Brb, dying. Hahah just kidding. K, I'll stop here. Wanna stalk him :B

Lol bye, xo.

P/S : I'm trying to forget the past ...... ;')

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