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Sorry. (':
Friday, February 3, 2012 | 0 Lover

Girl, whats up with your 'best friend forever'? I thought you're sincere wanna be friends with me, but I was wrong. I meant nothing to you. Can you stop all this gay dramas? Haih grow up a little, please? Everyone was tired of your shitty immature attitude. Seriously. 

I just don't like the way you treat people, like rude as hell. I know that was your actual behavior, but yea. You shouldn't do that, that was rude okay, very rude. Learn how to respect others first then they'll know how to respect you. 

I'm sorry if you think I had just hurt your feelings, but think again. You were the one who hurt me first. Can you just understand my feelings a bit? Hieees, I'm sorry my dear friend. :') 

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