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Friday :D
Friday, February 3, 2012 | 0 Lover
Hello everyone! It's finally Friday! Hooraay! Friday nights are about to enjoy! Lol. Okay, just wanna share that on 8th and 9th Feb, I'm going to a camp wif mah year 6 fwenss. Lol. Pray for our safety k? ;'} and I hope I will be in the same group with my buds, I don't want anyone else! Haha but yea. Hm me iz very scared okay. We're going to the jungle. Y'know, I'm not used to that kind of stuffs :/ but I have to fight my fears. My friends are there too :) so .. just chill. K maybe that's all for now. I'm online through phone so I have no idea what to write abt. Bye! xx

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