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It's Friday, gotta get down on Friday :D
Friday, January 13, 2012 | 0 Lover
Assalamualaikum guys :)

Today is Friday the 13th. Hahaha, people say it's the unlucky day. But I don't think I'm having a bad day. Today was kinda fun! Even though I was humiliated -.- k whatever. 

Today, for year 6, we did some science activities. We were divided into groups. Too bad we can't choose members. My members don't really know how to cooperate. At first, they asked me to be the leader, but I asked Azfar :p and yea, I was so wrong of choosing him. But he learned a lesson. Hahaha. 

The activities were tough. We compete with each other. But that's not important aite? The most important part is how we work together and SCIENCE. Tired but fun. At last, our ranking was the 25th. Over 30. :b i know that was lame. Shuddup, I learned. Hieeees.

Byee. xx

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