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Happy CNY! :))
Monday, January 23, 2012 | 0 Lover

Happy CNY to everyone who celebrate it. :) have fun guys! Yea, that's not the only thing I wanna blog. Lol. Okay, I'm gonna blog about what I did and what I'm gonna do for this CNY hols. ;D

So the last Friday, before the CNY hols, I went to Kuantan until Monday. Not that fun like what I expected. -.- lol whatever. Everyone can't wait to go back to Sg Buloh. Haha. And I really have no time on my homeworks, seriously. So busy. Aiyoo --' then go home. Went to my neighbour's open house. Ate so many limau :B sedap wei. That's why I love CNY so much haha.

Now I'm online. Didn't even do my homeworks. Hm maybe tomorrow. Have to finish it A.S.A.P! Or else I'm dead. :|

And oh~ 28th and 29th, I'm going to Berjaya Times Square. Haha okay batak. But the actual thing I wanna tell is that Zoe is coming too! I can't wait to see her! For all this while, I just talked to her on Facebook haha. I'm gonna be real shy ._.

Okay. I'm done.
Byee. xx

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