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Life So Far.
Monday, December 26, 2011 | 0 Lover

Sup guys? I think it's been a very long time I didn't update. People also get bored. But I don't really care, lols. As what I updated before, I went to Seremban. Epic things happened. ;) I also went to Melaka for a wedding. Met my old friend there, missed him so much. :') I once had a crush on him, hehe :} but it's just a crush ..

K forget it. Next topic. :) Idk why I started to hate him now. He treats me like I gave a fcuk on him -.- but I know that I can't deny that I still love him. .. 2 more days till his birthday, I'll just be one of the girls who wished him. I hope he'll be happy on that day.

2012's coming. I'm so effin' not ready cause it's the year I'm gonna face the biggest exam in primary school. UPSR. Wish all the candidates a very good luck okay? :) and for 2012, I have a lot of 'azam'. Haha, idk what's 'azam' in English. :3 I hope I could be a better person and achieve everything I wished for. I don't want to fight with any of my friends anymore. If I made a mistake, please forgive me guys. ;(

Lastly, I hope 2012 will be just nice. No more shitty dramas please. So damn tired of dramas. I hope the new year will be better than 2011. :')

Sincerely, Ain. xx

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