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Friday, December 30, 2011 | 0 Lover

Assalamualaikum guys :) how's life? Hahaha. Mine's kinda good these days. ;') So, new year is coming in 2 days. Anyone's celebrating? :)

I wanna forget all the sad feelings. No more crying after this. Hieees. Tired laa. Me no like. Haha okay. This is not what I'm gonna post actually. I wanna post about my crush.

Actually, he's an old friend of mine. Our moms was kinda close. We also knew each other since we went to the same drama class. Yeah, that's why people say I know how to act :p lol jk. But I really don't know that he went to the same school as mine. When I get to know, I was like "OMG OMG!!". Haha hell excited. Then he quit the drama class and changed school, haih so sad y'know. :( so we lost contacts.

On 2010, he added me on Facebook. Without a doubt, of course I'll approve (; lol. But so sad he didn't remember me at all. :'( makes me wanna cry. Then his house got kenduri something, of course his mom invited  my family rite. I saw him. When I looked at him, he was like "who are you?" and I was like what the eff -.- hahaha. After that nothing special happened. Life goes on as usual. 

On December 2011, my mom's staff got married. Her kenduri was at Melaka. When I was snapping some photos, I accidentally snapped my crush's photo. I was shocked, why was he here? Then I saw my mom was talking to his mum. I wanna approach him, but I was shy. So yeah. 

A few days after that, I stalked his profile. I LIKED everything. Haha lol. The next day, I get so many notifications. And all of it was from him. Dafuqqqq. Haha. Then we chatted. I told him that I saw him at Melaka. And he said he saw me too. So .. he didn't forget me. :DD we had long conversations. ;> and we also had a lot of similarity. Yeah I'm proud haha. ;p and wanna know one more special thing? He asked for my phone number. xD AM I DREAMING? HAHAHAHA LOL.

#I still love my ex ... er. :'3

That's all lah. Me iz shy to update more. Hehehe :-) next time I'll update.

#Wow, what a long long post. ;o heee, sorry guys. Byee.xx

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