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Tuesday, December 27, 2011 | 0 Lover

2012 is coming rite? So .. who's ready? Hm, I'm not really ready. But I can't wait to finish my UPSR. xD and I hope the results will come out good :) I want 2012 to be really epic! :D

I hope I'll be a good person. No more dramas and blablabla. I want everything to be perfect next year. Well, if things don't go well .. I'll try my best to fix it. :) I don't want all those fightings again. Seriously, I'm tired of it. Sokay laa if people don't wanna forgive me ;/ 

By the way, tomorrow is his birthday. I iz happy for him ;> I hope he will never forget me ...

P/S : You said people don't judge me just because I'm 11 ? You just judged me, guuurl ;) I am not that immature. C'mon, you're just 13 -.-

#I think this post is kinda long. lol

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