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Saturday, December 10, 2011 | 0 Lover

I'm weak now. Day by day, I get weaker. I act like I'm strong, but actually I'm not. Today is the first time I cried, just because of him. I don't wanna cry, but I don't think I can hide my tears anymore. Everyone asked me whether I'm okay or not. No, I'm not okay. I was just forcing laughter and faking smiles. Hmm well, Imma pro at that. 

I need a friend right now. I meant, a true friend. A friend who'll not leave me when I'm having hard times. A friend who cares. Please be one, for me. Please? 

I didn't cry just because he left me. I cried because he doesn't need me, he doesn't care anymore. I feel worthless. Lately, I'm always annoyed with people even though they didn't do anything on me. I'm so so sorry guys. Hmm, MTV played so many sad music vids today. How would I not cry? The songs are all based on my current situation. 

Maybe that's all for today. I can't type anymore :'3
Bye for now. xx

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