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Wednesday, December 21, 2011 | 0 Lover
I hate it when people compare Justin to Greyson, or Cody or 1D or other new artists. They all have their own talent, stop comparing. Don't go like "Justin, I love you!", then Cody "Simpsonizer forlyfeee." then 1D "Directioners forever!" after that Greyson "Greysonator!". The eff -.-' I admit that I love Greyson now, but at least I didn't leave Justin. Fake Beliebers pissed me off. -.- I'm forever a Belieber. You haters, read this. 

He's the one who taught me of 'Never Say Never'. Three words with a strong meaning. Belieber forever. :')

Please don't say he is heartless. He tweeted this. "PLEASE DON'T TAKE MY BELIEBERS AWAY FROM ME." don't say he sounds desperate. He needs his Beliebers. 

What's the point of you hating him? What did you get? Nothing aitee. If you don't like him, respect him. He deserves it. Think about the hates that he gets everyday. Ohmy, as a Belieber, it hurts me so much. But you have to think how much it hurts him. He's just a 17 yrs old boy living his dreams.

I still love Bieber. Being a Greysonator doesn't stop me from being a Belieber. (:
Fake Beliebers can stay away from him, he doesn't even need them. (:

So, you haters. Think before you hate him okay? There's actually no point.

I love Justin Bieber. ;)

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