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Describing them. ;)
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 | 0 Lover
Hey guys. So today I'm gonna describe some people who I think is important in my life. :) but not all okay? It would be a long long post if I describe everyone. Lol.

We're gonna start with this girl. :) her name is Shahirah. But I prefer calling her Scha. She's cute and kind, but sometimes she loves to brag. Haha, sorry kay. ;) we became close since 2010 and now we're besties. :)) I hope our friendship won't last. :') I love her so much. :)

This is Azaria. She is my cute little friend. :) she is hot tempered but she's actly kind. Get to know her well okay before you judge her? Or she goes ninja on you! Lol. I love her okay. ;)

She's Raihanah. My best friend forever and ever. Lol. We knew each other since we're 8. Then she moved to another school at 2009 :( *lost contact*
But then we found each other on Facebook and we became more closer! :)
WEEEEEEEEEE. She's awesome and I love her. :))

Syazwani Hannani! :) I call her as Syaz, or Nani. Haha. She's pretty aitee? K, jealous ..
Haha. Okay, we knew each other since 2008. Then she moved :(
But we also found each other through Facebook back.
I thought she forgot about me, but no. We promised to be bestfriends back! :D
I love her, okay. I love her. 

Maybe that's all for now? I sambung next time kay. (:
Byeee! :-*

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