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Okay, it's about him again.
Sunday, November 27, 2011 | 1 Lover

Greyson Michael Chance. That boy is always stucked on my mind. I dunno how to get him out, lol. Since I went to his showcase, I fell in love with him. HAHAHAHAHA, I sound stupid :3 

Kay, I've been dreaming about him for 2 days. And nope, I'm not kidding x) can you believe that? Hewhewhew :)

He's cute. He's talented. He's amazing. I LOVE HIM. Trololol. I'm now a Greysonator. But being a Greysonator doesn't stop me from being a Belieber. I'm forever a Belieber. :D

Short post. :] kayy, that's all. 
Bye! xoxo 

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