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Tuesday, November 1, 2011 | 0 Lover
I thought we're friends. But we're not. You made a mistake without realizing it. And your mistake, is so damn mean to me. I told my secrets to you, that means I started believing you to be my friend. I know I'm so wrong of believing you. And now, you're just over the hook.

I know you have a crush on him. You think I didn't know? Stop being stupid, you stalk his profile everyday. That is just so obvious. But you know that I am in a relationship with him, so do respect that. I don't want you to be the reason if we end up single. Hmmphh. Karma's gonna hit you babe (: if it didn't, I fucking will .

I removed you from my friend list in Facebook. And you asked me why? Think by yourself kay (: you have the right answer. I know it's a bad thing to quarrel with our own classmate, but I'm not the one to start, it's you. So I think this is the right time for us to stop talking to each other, even though I will still see you everyday.

And I just wanna let you know that, I'm tired with all of this. My life sucks, and you're one of the reasons. You seldom see me cry, cause I hate crying. But I can't be happy for 24/7 rite? (':

That's all kay? Thank you :'>

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