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Saturday, October 8, 2011 | 0 Lover
Yes, I really miss you. I miss those moments. I pretend, and I try to be happy but I just can't. I can't hide my feelings anymore. I can't forget everything. I'm not jealous of the girl. I'm sad because you're not trying to save our relationship. Erghh, you suck dude. JEREX ? It's pretty damn over. You thought I never think of this? I think about this every moment. You know what I did? FAKE SMILING. I'm professional at that. My ego is high. I WON'T CRY :'). I remember everything. EVERYTHING. I don't wanna forget. I know we're over. But please, DON'T FORGET. Don't regret anything. Remember the last word I said to you? Iloveyou .

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